Posted by: oceanadvocate | May 22, 2012

The Garden Isle of Kauai is now Polluted Too!

A new report has recently been published that states that Hanalei Bay on the North coast of Kauai is so polluted that it is dangerous to swim, dive, surf,or even walk along the beaches which up to now had been known around the world for its pristine beauty and world class surfing.

A privately funded testing of the water has produced evidence of Arsenic, Barium, Chromium, and lead and led to the closure of Hanalei Bay.  These same chemical poisons are the same we regularly find  in and along the entire California coast, bays, and watersheds. Up until now the Hawaiian Islands have been known for their clear and clean conditions and complete lack of bacterial compounds.

This should serve as an alarm for residents of Hawaii, California, and the world to wake up and realize that it is time to put an end to runoff pollution once and for all.  People seem to have become complacent in regards to the California coastal pollution problems, but now that the Hawaiian Island chain 2500 miles away are also becoming polluted due to human waste it may wake some people up.  Sadly, I’m not surprised at all by this news that the bacteria found in Hanalei was carried there from the Hanalei River and contains the exact same stuff we get from our runoff in the Golden State.

The test was conducted after resident Surfers and Divers complained of getting sick from the water and that the coral reefs are showing signs of deterioration as well.  this means that the runoff has been occurring for quite some time. As more information becomes available and government officials have to respond I will post accordingly.  It’s bad news for an island whose economy and livelihood is based on the surrounding beauty of its beaches.



  1. This is alarming indeed. If the “pristine” and “pure” places on Earth are becoming so contaminated, it makes you wonder what type of conditions we will be leaving for future generations.

  2. That really bums me out because I swam and surfed there a lot in 1981 and it was beautiful and the water was so clear.What are we doing to this planet?

  3. We visit every year. The photographs I took in 2013 when compared to 2012 are shocking. The entire coastline, particularly in the south by the Pioneer agricultural experimental station (GMO) is brownish yellow and looks like Los Angeles, not our beautiful Kauai. The development on mount Waimea is causing terrible erosion and the plants and trees are brown and wilted. It’s like a Dr. Seuss Lorax story. I am heartbroken. Tourists act as if the island is Disneyland and an army of workers will come in at night while the park is closed to clean up after them. What happened to the spirit of the islanders and why aren’t they fighting anymore?

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