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Saturday Is World Oceans Day. What will you do?

World oceans Day; what does that mean to you? Really.  Do you go to the beach and fill a bag with trash and debris from the beach? Do you go to an organized beach cleanup and help pick up some trash, maybe buy a few tickets for the raffle prizes? 

Whatever you do i implore you all to take a bit of time to reflect on the fact that we are losing the fight for the ocean that covers 71% of our planet and that is catastrophic for mankind. We are all to blame. Me, you everyone of us in varying degrees contributes to urban runoff pollution that is destroying marine life and making us all sick.  We fertilize our lawns and gardens, we drive and drip oil from our cars, we wash our cars in the streets and too many of us just don’t realize what we are doing has a terrible effect on the ocean environment and it affects all species in the ocean.

It is our ignorance and our ignorance is due to our complacency and i believe that many of us just think the problem is too big and nothing can really be done anyway.  That is simply not true.  We can make changes and we can do it at home and wherever we go if we are aware, thats all it will take but we all have to know and if we know we cannot un-know and I hope we will behave accordingly. We have tolerated and accepted the pollution we dump into our oceans every single day and we have simply failed to act; personally and collectively

Contemplate the fact that we are leaving our children and our children to come with a dying ocean and we have failed them on our watch.  We have ignored the knowledge and ther proof we now have and ignored the warning signs everywhere.

if we continue on this path the future of our planet and the next generations will judge us harshly for what we have not done and what we have left for them. It is true that what we do or do not do in the next ten years willl have a direct affect on the next ten thousand years.

it begins or ends with the choices we make now.  If we don’t know we can’t change and if we don’t see what’s going on and where we are heading our apathy and failure to act will seal our fate.  Do some research online- don’t just take my word for it. The information is readily available.  Do something good for the oceans everday not just Saturday.  Incorporate the things you can do to reduce runoff from your won homes, it’s easy. See for yourself, the oceans need our help now, more than everImage


Check it out.  First, a little background information that is true and quantifiable.

Almost 60% of the world’s (planet earth) entire fish stocks since the 50’s have been depleted  Our oceans are the key to the very air we breath and provide’s 90% of the water we all need to survive. So, Is this the legacy that we are going to leave for the future children of the earth?

 I’m not going to let it slide, I’m going to paddle my ass off and risk all to make sure that we can at least make an impact and slow it down. I’m taking this action to wake people up and hopefully engage  them  and to show them to see how fragile our oceans have become and why we all must take action right now, today, in order to protect them .  The worlds ocean’s are the key to our very survival as a species on earth and we all have to jump in and make the effort to spread the word to the global community about what is real.  The ocean is the heart of our planet and if we destroy it we destroy ourselves.  It’s true

We have to have a global shift and collaborate and open our hearts and minds and encourage others to do the same  it’s really bad but there is hope, but only if we all work together to protect the oceans for all of us and our children and theirs.

Even choosing to eat only sustainable seafood, stop littering, pick up just one piece of trash when you leave the ocean and go home.  If you just have to keep that lawn go easy on the what they used to call fertilizer  but is now referred to as  Lawn Care products, skip the miracle grow and grow some native plants, wash your car on the lawn.  don’t over water. there are a multitude of things we can all do every day to protect our ocean’s, beaches, and wetlands.  Teach you children well too because they are going to inherit the planet we leave them and future generations if we don’t all upgrade.  Time to change our attitudes about the the Ocean’s of the world an accept our role. Only together can we turn the tide.

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The blog I last posted about was a cathartic exercise for me and its all true.  Just before I pushed the publish button my phone rang; I pushed it and answered the phone and it was someone I have been wanting to connect with about the project for a long time and it couldn’t have been better.  I will just say it was someone who is going to play a very integral part in my paddling/film project.  We spoke for an hour and other than being with one other person on the planet it was one of the best hours of my life.  I will add more when we get down to business in the next day or two but all I can say for now is  Yipppeeee!.  P. S.  Feel free to donate if you wish, I’m trying to keep this site up and time is running out!     530-386-2449

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Collaboration is the way!

I have been fortunate enough in the past week to connect with people and organizations that are beyond kindred spirits or like minded.  The only way we can reach millions of people, use fact based information, and make a connection to people the world over, is to work together as a tribe; an Ocean Tribe working together to create the changes that have to be made in order to protect the worlds ocean’s and insure the very survival of mankind.

This will take a monumental collective effort in order to succeed and I believe it is the only way, so do most other scientists environmentalists, and forward thinkers that know and feel the same passion about the hard work and also the obstacles that we will encounter along the way.

I’ve been making some serious progress in first correcting my own attitudes, assumptions, and judgement’s about  how to even begin to be a kinder more loving human being.  Mahatma Gandhi, said “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and to me that requires huge changes in myself.  We cannot make changes without changing ourselves and in order for me to succeed in my work for the ocean I must change and accept and love people irregardless of who they are or what they may think of me.  I am just feeling a more positive sense of calm and empathy for everything and everyone.  I am proud of my plan and eager to get started on the path even though this site is going down, I struggle with rent, bills, and even keeping my phone operating at this moment.

I feel very humbled and  have much regret for the things I have done to the very people and family that are closest to me and I seriously plan to rectify that .  This is just my truth and I need to get it out there, right now today.

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Revolt In Style Magazine Article

Wow, Revolt in Style magazine chose me to be one of four Eco-Warriors in the new issue on newstands now and I’m so stoked!  I appreciate it and am honored and I am using the article to pick up some momentum for the expedition and documentary film project.

The importance of the expedition is somewhat simple in it’s plan and yet dangerous in its execution and in all honesty it is a treacherous undertaking but it’s worth it. For me to put my life on the line is important enough because the end result is that literally millions of people will discover that our oceans are in serious trouble and we all must contribute to turning the tide on the destruction of the very thing that allows us to breathe and 97% of the water we drink and the food we eat need clean oceans for mankind to  survive as a species.

In order for the expedition and the documentary film we will produce to succeed we need many resources and help from many sources and I am asking for donations of money of course but we need sponsorship’s from corporations and from citizens like you to do this the way it needs to be done. It’s not just the money but also word of mouth and letters to be written to environmental groups and elected officials to assist us in making this event come to light. The only way we can bring about change is to educate people and as Dr. Sylvia Earle stresses “The greatest threat to our worlds oceans is apathy due to ignorance.”

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Insanity In The Modern Era Continues..

There is a reason Bluefin Tuna that have traveled over 6,000 miles are drenched in radiation from the Japanese nuclear debacle.  What is insane about this is that the “official reply” on the issue is that it is safe to eat.  Don’t believe this nonsense, it is not true and it is not safe to even handle or prepare for consumption. that is all I have to say about that issue.

The next insane action taking place is twofold and it is happening at Malibu which is arguably the most famous surfriding beach in all of the planet if not just California.  They are bringing in heavy equipment today and are going to dredge the lagoon and open up and destroy the natural state of the area.  they are also going to build an LNG terminal and pipeline offshore and surely things will not go well because they never do. 

We need a collective voice not a bunch of separate groups working toward the same goals.  When we can come together, then we can make a louder noise because we are all together.  When I paddle the coast I will make working together a primary goal.  I will just be the facilitator of the project.

I will write about the plan in the next installment, stay tuned.


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The Garden Isle of Kauai is now Polluted Too!

A new report has recently been published that states that Hanalei Bay on the North coast of Kauai is so polluted that it is dangerous to swim, dive, surf,or even walk along the beaches which up to now had been known around the world for its pristine beauty and world class surfing.

A privately funded testing of the water has produced evidence of Arsenic, Barium, Chromium, and lead and led to the closure of Hanalei Bay.  These same chemical poisons are the same we regularly find  in and along the entire California coast, bays, and watersheds. Up until now the Hawaiian Islands have been known for their clear and clean conditions and complete lack of bacterial compounds.

This should serve as an alarm for residents of Hawaii, California, and the world to wake up and realize that it is time to put an end to runoff pollution once and for all.  People seem to have become complacent in regards to the California coastal pollution problems, but now that the Hawaiian Island chain 2500 miles away are also becoming polluted due to human waste it may wake some people up.  Sadly, I’m not surprised at all by this news that the bacteria found in Hanalei was carried there from the Hanalei River and contains the exact same stuff we get from our runoff in the Golden State.

The test was conducted after resident Surfers and Divers complained of getting sick from the water and that the coral reefs are showing signs of deterioration as well.  this means that the runoff has been occurring for quite some time. As more information becomes available and government officials have to respond I will post accordingly.  It’s bad news for an island whose economy and livelihood is based on the surrounding beauty of its beaches.

ImageTo celebrate Mother’s Day with the Mom’s in your life don’t forget good old Mother Ocean.  She is in dire straits and she needs us all to be good stewards every day we can.  Spending time at the beach and in the ocean surfing, paddling, Kite-boarding, swimming, or any recreational time on and in the water keeps us healthy and fit and in a better mood too. Really, even just being on the beach on a skateboard or bike and digging the view makes us feel good too.

With all the wonderful things we take with us from our time at, on , and in the ocean we should remember to take the time to give back a little and here are a few easy things you can do for her in return for all the Love she has showered on all of her Human’s. it’s time we all took better care of her,  if we don’t all start now it could become too little. too late…

!, Lose your Lawn   Did you know that water is scarce and it’s just too much water to waste and too expensive to  irrigate a lawn too. think also about the effect of fertilizers and pesticides that we overuse on our lawns and gardens every day.  The runoff from these products leads directly to acidification of the world’s Oceans.  Check it out!

2. Landscape with native plants.  There are a rich and varied number of  beautiful drought resistant plants that are hardy and take next to no water to enjoy year round. At least give it some consideration,, please.

3. Wash your car on your lawn not in the driveway or on the street.  It helps  water your lawn and by using an earth friendly car cleaning products it is gentle on the environment and it will water the lawn until you remove it.

4.Don’t litter on the streets, boardwalks, and especially the beaches.

5. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Buy recyclable products.  All the plastic ever produced, still exits. Check out The Garbage patch we have on the eastern and western Pacific Ocean.  Once you really know about it and that it is real just sit with that and consider what that means.

6.Don’t dump any oil, trash, detergents, animal waste,on any alley, street, or anywhere that goes to a gutter which goes to a stormdrain and is eventually deposited on a beach and into the Ocean.,  Follow the trail

7.Report any violators dumping anything anywhere that will end up in a stormdrain.  This is important because some people might call you a snitch but it’s cool.  Anyone or any business that does not have BMP’s  (best management practices) in place is violating common decency and is polluting and it’s reprehensible and if they can’t do just the BMP’s they should and deserve to be: cited and fined.  We have to remain aware and vigilant. It’s the Ocean we have to protect.Not polluters.

8. Spread the word and help with a beach clean up or sponsor one of your own.  You get to do good work for the ocean you can meet like minded people and maybe even meet your future Soul Mate!  It beats going to bars and getting surrounded by boring Posse Hipsters too.

9. Help support alternative energy sources.  There is an assault being perpetrated on solar wind energy by some influential petroleum based advocates geared toward discrediting Wind and even Solar energy.

10.   Do your own research and be better informed about water quality where you live. .  Take a few minutes a day to search online to learn more and make better decisions about how we all can support ocean conservation.




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Complacency Born of Ignorance

Complacency Born Of Ignorance, pretty harsh words that I would assume not many people would like to admit refers to themselves.  However, when Dr’ Sylvia Earle says that the biggest threat to our worlds oceans is just that It makes me feel ashamed, to be included, for not doing enough to educate everyone about the state our Oceans are in and how it us up to all of us, right now to do everything we can do to save it before it is too late.

This is what drives me and gets me up in the morning and going every single day, and it will for the rest of my life on Earth. Is this the legacy of our generation to leave for our children and the children of the future? I just picture people in the future saying, “They could have done something, they should have tried!.” We have to, we have no choice in this matter.  

Imagine the planet with no Ocean.  As Dr. Earle also points out “It would look like Mars.” the Ocean is everything to our planet, it holds the future and the present.  If we just keep taking from it in such a way that we are and continue these practices we are surely doomed.  The World will rid itself of us and we will be finished.  I can’t stand by and just let it happen, I know too much now and I’m willing to risk it all, for the sake of us all.   All I need is a little help and a lot of support and a big boat and I’m there.  I’m going.

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